Directed, Filmed & Edited by Shiouwen Hong
Music by Cleod9
Sound Design & Mix by Scotty Beam & Cleod9 Music

"The community poured so much love, support, and confidence into me. My community helped me believe in myself more. I've just got to be true to myself, whatever that looks." - Caliefah

Meet Caliefah, an entrepreneur and a single mother of three young kids. Growing up in Compton, Caliefah began her business first out of necessity, fueled by her resourcefulness. She had been crafting things since she'd been a kid, and upon discovering that personal products like soap weren't available through the food stamp program, she saw an opportunity to provide for her family. She grew a garden with vegetables and fruit to eat and ingredients for her products, and she taught her children the importance of using everything you have - a lesson that was passed on to her from her great grandparents. As her business grew, her community at Leimert Park became a pillar of support and motivation.

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